Leire Villanueva and Markel Trinidad

Ockham Technologies Welcomes Leire Villanueva and Markel Trinidad

We welcome Leire Villanueva and Markel Trinidad to our team. Leire and Markel are temporarily joining us as Erasmus program students. The Erasmus project provides opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain international experience and skills in their field.

Leire has recently graduated from vocational training of commercial activities and marketing. She has a passion for new business ideas and is excited to contribute to Ockham Technologies ongoing efforts to develop eco-friendly solutions.
Markel is a recent graduate of a vocational training of administration of the Basque Country, where he earned a professional degree. Throughout his studies, Markel showed a keen interest in the marketing parts of the companies and is eager to apply his knowledge to real-world projects.

We are thrilled to see Leire and Markel becoming an, although temporal, yet integral part of our everyday activities. Their personalities, academic backgrounds, creativity and enthusiasm for innovation serve, beside just contributing to an enjoyable working atmosphere, as a significant contribution to the company's further progress.

Ockham Technologies remains committed to providing opportunities for talented individuals to grow and develop their skills.

Ola Svennesson is awarded the prestigious ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Grant 2023

We are proud to report that Ola Svennesson has been awarded the prestigious ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Grant 2023 for his involvement in Ockham Technologies AB. The awarding ceremony was part of the Swedish national event “SVERIGES INNOVATIONSRIKSDAG”, held in the City of Lund, Sweden.