B2B opportunities

Ockham Technologies AB is a small Swedish start-up company with a high ambition. Although the latter is well founded in a strong IPR-portfolio and a unique combination of expertice and skills, current limitations in raw man-power hours force prioritization in the development of  new products.

In order to expediently meet the market's hitherto unmet need for such new products, we are actively seeking a partnership to enable parallell development and/or marketing. All present and potential development products are limited only by the combined scope of our two patent families encompassing the published international applications WO2022/255922 and WO2022/154714, both associated with flawless international search reports and already granted Swedish patents (SE544913.C2 and SE544167.C2, respectively).

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information and discussions, should you find this lead into a new profitable market segment of yours of interest. We're only an e-mail (info@ockhams.se) or phone-call (+46 707 494919) away...